Six Olathe NEA Members Attend NEARA17

This summer, six elected Olathe NEA members; Ruth Henderson (BB), Lisa Hirsch (ONW), Tiffany Huitt (WG), Ben Melick (RR), Kathy Meyer (Olathe NEA President), and Angie Powers (ONW); represented Kansas at the NEA Representative Assembly.

Each morning, the Olathe NEA members joined the other Kansas representatives for caucus at 7 am. After a couple of hours of discussing and voting on issues, the Olathe NEA reps made their way to the Boston  Convention Center for the beginning of the RA at 10 am.  The RA ended each day any time from 5 to 8 pm. One of the key issues discussed was unaccountable charter schools. Check out the policy statement revision.

Ruth Henderson from Black Bob Elementary said, “I enjoy going to the RA to represent Olathe and Kansas teachers. This year I especially liked the opening and closing student poets. The address given by our NEA president is always thought-provoking and motivational. Our Friend of Education award winner, LaVar Burton, has always been a favorite of mine.”