New Teacher Luncheon

Olathe NEA welcomes new educators

Congrats Tory!

Winner of the Read to Achieve Award

Tiffany, Kate, Connie, and Kathy

KNEA RA Preparation

2015 NEA RA Orlando

Olathe NEA members enjoying the Florida climate in July

Holly and Angie

Association Representative Meeting

Steve and Don

We voted in the school board election!

Holly and Angie

Celebrating Olathe NEA

ONEA Reps on Professional Council

Discussing details of Tentative Agreement

2016 ONEA Delegates to NEA RA

Long days in DC!

Abby Crane

Abby addresses educators at the New Ed Lucheon

Preparations for New Ed Luncheon

ARs and allies work to prepare for a great afternoon!

Important Dates

Go to the Contacts Us/Dates tab to review Evaluation deadlines and other job related dates.


Open to all educators–classified, certified, and licensed–let’s get together and start a conversation about race. Texts for Tough Teacher Talk

Tentative Agreement Summary

Informational meetings will be held on May 18 and 19 from 4-6PM at the Ed Center, Board of Education room. Dates for ratification voting will be held online May 19 to May 26. Read the 2016-17 Tentative Agreement Summary.

2016 Olathe NEA Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to these 2016 graduates. Olathe East – Wade Rance Olathe North – Noah Zoller ONW – Melody Baker OS – Zoe Matje

Olathe NEA Scholarship for Olathe Parks & Recreation: We have a new partner!

The Olathe Fraternal Order of Police has donated $750.00 to the ONEA Olathe Parks and Recreation Scholarship Fund! This donation represents an average donation of $10.00 per Olathe Fraternal Order of Police member. Now it’s our turn! All Olathe Staff

Olathe NEA Response to Rep Schwab

Select “Read More” button and then click here to view full response.

It’s About TIME

Check here for information regarding the elementary time and workload project: Its_About_Time