Olathe NEA Members Attend 2017 Equity Leaders Summit

Members of Olathe NEA Executive Board, Selena Eckstrom and Angie Powers, represented Kansas in Chicago at last month’s NEA Equity Leaders Summit. They were among four members in Kansas to be selected to attend, including the Kansas NEA President and an elementary principal member.

Attendees at the summit expanded their understanding of many equity topics, including racial justice, immigration, LGBTQ advocacy, and poverty. They gained tools to evaluate how well states are fulfilling the goals of ESSA, including a school checklist. Selena will apply what she gained from the conference to her work on the Kansas NEA Racial Justice Taskforce. Angie will take what she’s learned into her leadership in the Olathe NEA Social Justice Cadre and the Kansas NEA Social Justice Taskforce, co-chaired by KNEA President Mark Farr.

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