What’s on the members-only portal of OlatheNEA.org?

You may have noticed that the Olathe NEA website has an option to create an account and log into a members-only portal. Some members have been curious about what’s available to them in the portal.

Once you have created an account and logged in, the website will look much the same–with the exception of a couple of new options at the top of the website (pictured below).

If you click on Document Archives, you will have access to the Association Rep minutes for the 17-18 school year. This is a great way for all members to keep informed, even if they don’t attend the meetings. The Document Archives also houses The Advocate, as well as other key documents like the AR handbook and Olathe NEA Constitution and Bylaws.

Another feature available to you as an Olathe NEA website member is the Events Calendar. This is perfect for busy people who can’t make all Olathe NEA events, but would like to see what’s on the horizon for planning.

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